Angels Eyes Dosage and Ingredients

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Angels Eyes is what we use for our maltese eye stain.

We love that our veterinarian totally gave us approval to use it, PLUS it is safe for puppies (8 weeks and older) and even safe for use during pregnancy.

Angels Eyes Ingredients:

Ingredients: 100% pure beef liver, tylosin as tartrate

Angels Eyes Dosage:

After reading the directions on the bottle we saw that for our dogs the average amount we sprinkle on their food each day is 1/4-teaspoon to 1/2-teaspoon daily.

When we first tried Angels Eyes, we got a 30 gram bottle of Angels Eyes. However, we went through that bottle really quick!

With Angels Eyes you sprinkle it on your dog or cat's food and the amount you use is based on your pet's weight.

So how much Angels Eyes do you give your dog each day?

This is the daily dose of Angels Eyes for canines:

Puppies (up to three months old): 1/8-teaspoon daily
Dogs 2 to 5 pounds: 1/4-teaspoon daily
Dogs 5 to 8 pounds: 1/2-teaspoon daily
Dogs 8 to 12 pounds: 3/4-teaspoon daily
Dogs 12 pounds and up: 1-teaspoon daily

A 30 gram bottle gave us enough for 25 servings for a maltese that weight 2-5 pounds.

We have 3 maltese that have eye stain though….so the first 30 gram bottle only gave us enough for 8 days for our 3 maltese.

In addition one of our Maltese dogs weighs over 5 pounds and she required a 1/2 teaspoon of Angels Eyes each day so we went through that first bottle pretty quick!

We later wished we would have bought the larger bottle of  Angels Eyes (120 grams) because the cost savings is so much better and we have several dogs that have eye stain.

If you have a very small dog, the 30 gram bottle is a great start - but if you have a dog that is 5 pounds or more the larger size bottles of Angels Eyes will give you enough Angels Eyes to really test it out to see the results and you will get a much better deal on the price. :)

After several weeks the results with Angels Eyes were fantastic with our maltese.

We did find that we needed to trim the old stained hair as it grew out which was pretty simple to do. And the new hair growing in was so beautiful, clean and white because the tear staining had stopped.

We are so thrilled with with Angels Eyes after all we went through to find a tear stain remover that would really work for our dog tear stain.

It is just so darn easy to use!

It takes less than a minute a day to ensure that my precious Maltese faces are clean and white and FREE from tear stain!

Angels Eyes is worth every penny!

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